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 Canons, anyone can apply
Posted on: Apr 9 2018, 12:23 AM
Played by Kayla · Twenty years · Genderfluid · Grey-Asexual
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So basically if you want to play a canon, pm a member of the staff with your ideas on which member of whichever royal family you want to be apart of.

You have to do your own research on who you want to be (if you want to be more historically accurate), or you could just make someone up because these people had a lot of children (many of them died young or were illegitimate). Once you have admin approval, you will be allowed to make an account for that character and do the app. Once the app done, you're free to rp!

The surnames of the canons are as follows: Wang for Goryeo, Zhu for the Ming Empire, and for Nippon there are more than one (because of the messy system they had going on): Go, and Ashikaga (the shogunate).

wang seojun // 23, park bo gum

Ming Empire
zhu quan // 14, lu han

character name // age, faceclaim

add a character


<a href="linktoprofile"><membergroup>character name</membergroup></a> // age, faceclaim<br>
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