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 affairs of the heart, one sided love & a slow burning bromance
Posted on: Apr 5 2018, 12:08 AM
Played by Kayla · Fourteen years · Male · Demisexual
Who’s gonna catch me when I fall? Are you?
So basically this is the girl that Prince Quan is infatuated with. It's young puppy love and Quan thinks everything she does is beautiful and amazing. He has no concept of real love yet as he's only fourteen but as of this point in time, he hopes that she is the girl his father picks for him to marry in the future. He doesn't realize that she is in love with another and that the two plan to run away together. Personality wise she's kind, caring, elegant and she follows her heart. She sees Quan as a little brother and would do almost anything to make him happy. Quan often confides in her about his hatred towards most of his siblings.

It can be a character already made or a new one, I don't care. I was thinking that maybe she likes girls, but I didn't want to put it definitively.

❤FACE UP TO YOU (pictured: Guli Nazha)❤

This guy is one of the palace servants around Prince Quan. He's had feelings for the young Prince for some time now, even though that's rather taboo because of the differences in their lineage/status, and the fact that they're both men. He finds the Prince's childish and tsundere like nature endearing and wants to be the person who wipes away his tears and makes him happy. He was the person who carried him away and helped clean Quan's wounds after his brothers' beat him up when he was younger. He will also be the one to comfort him when Quan learns the truth about the girl he likes. Personality wise he is rather blunt with his feelings and opinions, but if he thinks it will hurt Quan he will avoid saying it. He is the type to endure lots of pain and ignore anyone trying to help him solve his personal problems, aka stubborn as feck.

❤Kris Wu -or- Nam Tae Hyun❤
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