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 Site Rules and Character Registration, MUST READ
Posted on: Jan 24 2018, 10:28 AM
Played by Kayla · Twenty years · Genderfluid · Grey-Asexual
Les-bi honest, I can't think straight~
the rules


    Be respectful to everyone: guests, other members, and to the staff. Discrimination is not allowed. If someone is bothering you, please pm the staff.


    No OOC drama. Repeating offenders will be banned.


    No trolling, shit-posting, or advertising. It's annoying for everyone.


    You should initially register with an OOC account. Please use an appropriate alias.


    Any and all character accounts should have proper capitalization, last name, first name format, and should generally be Asian names due to the regions that our site is set in. Foreign characters ARE allowed, but lets try to keep the number fairly low to makes sense with the time period.


    Faceclaims are mandatory. No anime characters or porn stars/adult entertainers allowed. Faces should be 13 or older.


    After you register your character, please fill out an application and the claims.


    Avatars are 250 x 400. Please use the appropriate size. If you need help with this just ask.


    There is no character limit, but do not make characters just to hog faceclaims because that's rude.


    There is no word count, but please try to match your rp partner's or more.


    Please try to use proper grammar and spelling.


    Regarding activity, if you will be gone more than four days, post in the away board. Try to keep your characters as active as possible.


    Mature content is allowed since this a premium site. But please mark each mature topic with an M, for mature or TW, for any potential triggers, out of respect for the other members.
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