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 Faceclaim, required
Posted on: Feb 1 2018, 01:41 PM
Played by Kayla · Twenty years · Genderfluid · Grey-Asexual
Les-bi honest, I can't think straight~
face claim.
face claims on when in bloom are extremely important and must be claimed as soon as your character is accepted. if your character's face is not claimed, that face claim is open for the taking and if someone wishes to use it we will allow them to do so.

reserves last for five days after you request them, with one extension allowed of three days. if your application is posted and being worked on, we will hold the face claim for you until you are accepted.

wanted faces are not considered claimed. however, out of respect for that players wanted ad if you see the face you want listed under the wanted section, please check out the character's ad. if you would like to use the face but do not want the ad, please speak with the player behind the ad to make sure it's okay with them before taking the face and using it elsewhere!

asterisked faces are admins. double asterisks are for to denote twins/triplets.

claimed faces

reserved faces

Kwak Dong-Yeon until March 19 for Kit
Kim Jae-Joong until February 21 for Kit
Lee Ki Hong until February 18 for Edan
Harry Shum Jr until February 18 for Edan
Sung Hoon until February 18 for Monii

wanted faces

kim myung-soo for emma here


to claim a face

<a href="link to character profile here">face claim here</a><br>
to reserve a face


face claim until <b>date (today + 5 days)</b> for <b>alias</b><br>

to reserve a wanted

face claim for <b>alias</b> <a href="link to wanted ad">here</a><br>
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